me   Assistant Professor

  Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management

  Cornell University

  Energy economics (undergrad)
  Environmental economics (masters)
  Computational methods (Ph.D.)


Work in progress

A microfounded approach for estimating the aggregate economic effects of climate change

Gary Lyn, Ariel Ortiz-Bobea, Ivan Rudik

Working papers

Costs of inefficient regulation: Evidence from the Bakken

Gabriel Lade and Ivan Rudik

Revise and resubmit at JAERE

Excess emissions are common, harmful, and underregulated

Alex Hollingsworth, David Konisky, Ivan Rudik, and Nikos Zirogiannis

Optimal climate policy when damages are unknown

Ivan Rudik

Conditionally accepted at AEJ: Policy

The social cost of leaded gasoline: Evidence from regulatory exemptions

Alex Hollingsworth and Ivan Rudik

Valuing science policy: Dynamic decisionmaking with generalized Bayesian learning

Ivan Rudik, Maxwell Rosenthal, and Derek Lemoine


External impacts of local energy policy: The case of renewable portfolio standards

Hollingsworth, A. and I. Rudik. Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists. 2019.

[ungated version] [code]

Air pollution and visitation at U.S. national parks

Keiser, D., G. Lade, and I. Rudik. Science Advances. 2018.

Media: Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, Associated Press, The Guardian, USA Today, and others.

Tradable credit markets for intensity standards

Rudik, I. Economic Modelling. 2018.

[ungated version]

Steering the climate system: Using inertia to lower the cost of policy

Lemoine, D. and I. Rudik. American Economic Review. 2017.

[ungated version] [code]

Managing climate change under uncertainty: Recursive integrated assessment at an inflection point

Lemoine, D. and I. Rudik. Annual Review of Resource Economics. 2017.

[ungated version] [code]

Opportunities for advances in climate change economics

Burke, M., M. Craxton, C. D. Kolstad, C. Onda, H. Allcott, E. Baker, L. Barrage, R. Carson, K. Gillingham, J. Graff-Zivin, M. Greenstone, S. Hallegatte, W.M. Hanemann, G. Heal, S. Hsiang, B. Jones, D. L. Kelly, R. Kopp, M. Kotchen, R. Mendelsohn, K.Meng, G. Metcalf, J. Moreno-Cruz, R. Pindyck, S. Rose, I. Rudik, J. Stock, and R. S. J. Tol. Science. 2016.

Media: Futurity, Iowa Public Radio (River to River)