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Assistant Professor

Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management

Cornell University

Contact: irudik@cornell.edu

Work in progress

When NASCAR comes to town

Alex Hollingsworth and Ivan Rudik

Working papers

Costs of inefficient regulation: Evidence from the Bakken

Gabriel Lade and Ivan Rudik. [NBER version]

Economic development and ocean water quality

Jennifer Duncan, David Keiser, and Ivan Rudik. Available upon request.

Optimal climate policy when damages are unknown 

Ivan Rudik. 2nd revise and resubmit at AEJ: Policy.

Valuing science policy: Dynamic decisionmaking with generalized Bayesian learning

Ivan Rudik, Maxwell Rosenthal, and Derek Lemoine. Available upon request.


External impacts of local energy policy: The case of renewable portfolio standards 

Hollingsworth, A. and I. Rudik. 2019. Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists 6(1):187-213.

[open access version] [replication code]

Air pollution and visitation at U.S. national parks

Keiser, D., G. Lade, and I. Rudik. 2018. Science Advances 4(7).

Media: Cornell ChronicleWashington Post, New York TimesCNNAssociated Press, Business InsiderPBS News HourUS News and World ReportUSA TodayAxiosScientific American, City Lab (The Atlantic), Smithsonian, Arizona RepublicSierra MagazineInverse, laistEarth.comNature News, Phys.org, KNX 1070 Los Angeles, America in the Morning, Public Radio (So Cal, Phoenix, Utah, NorCal/Oregon)

[replication code]

Tradable credit markets for intensity standards

Rudik, I. 2018. Economic Modelling 72:202-215.

[open access version

Steering the climate system: Using inertia to lower the cost of policy

Lemoine, D. and I. Rudik. 2017. American Economic Review 107(10):2947–57.

[open access version] [replication code]

Managing climate change under uncertainty: Recursive integrated assessment at an inflection point

Lemoine, D. and I. Rudik. 2017. Annual Review of Resource Economics 9:117–142.

[open access version] [replication code]

Opportunities for advances in climate change economics

Burke, M., M. Craxton, C. D. Kolstad, C. Onda, H. Allcott, E. Baker, L. Barrage, R. Carson, K. Gillingham, J. Graff-Zivin, M. Greenstone, S. Hallegatte, W.M. Hanemann, G. Heal, S. Hsiang, B. Jones, D. L. Kelly, R. Kopp, M. Kotchen, R. Mendelsohn, K.Meng, G. Metcalf, J. Moreno-Cruz, R. Pindyck, S. Rose, I. Rudik, J. Stock, and R. S. J. Tol. 2016. Science 352 (6283):292–93.

Media: ISU News Release, Futurity, Iowa Public Radio (River to River)

Outreach Publications

Ozone pollution in US national parks is nearly the same as in large cities

Keiser, D., G. Lade, and I. Rudik. 2018. The Conversation.

Efficient environmental regulation in the unconventional oil industry

Lade, G. and I. Rudik. 2017. CARD Agricultural Policy Review.

Research needs and challenges in the FEW system: Coupling economic models with agronomic, hydrologic, and bioenergy models for sustainabile food, energy, and water systems

Kling, C.L., R.W. Arritt, G. Calhoun, D.A. Keiser, J.M. Antle, J.G. Arnold, M. Carriquiry, I. Chaubey, P. Christensen, B. Ganapathysubramanian, P. Gassman, W. Gutowski, T.W. Hertel, G. Hoogenboom, E. Irwin, M. Khanna, P. Mérel, D. Phaneuf, A. Plantinga, S. Polasky, P. Preckel,  S. Rabotyagov, I. Rudik, S. Secchi, A. Smith, A. Vanloocke, C. Wolter, W. Zhang, J.Zhao. 2016. Center for Agricultural and Rural Development Working Paper 16-WP 563.